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Having a properly funded trust is crucial to carrying out your estate plan and avoiding probate.


To help you properly fund your trust, assets must be titled in the name of your trust or transfer (pay on death) to your trust. Making the necessary changes and ensuring that retitling is completed properly can be complex and time-consuming. We can walk you through this process and give you specific instructions for all of your property and assets. We also transfer businesses, real estate, and other property to your trust.

Once a trust is created and funded, there may be certain tasks which must be completed for the trust to be administered properly. Trust assets and expenses must be accounted for, notices and reports may need to be prepared, and distributions made according to the terms of the trust. We can work with your trustee to help them administer the trust appropriately.

When someone dies, sometimes portions (or all) of their estate must be administered through the court system, often referred to as probate. We can assist you with this process if it becomes necessary. However, when you work with us to prepare your estate plan, one of our goals is to ensure your heirs do not have to worry about probate.

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