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Two elderly women shaking hands in front of a house.

What is the Caregiver Child Exemption?

The Caregiver Child Exception to The Medicaid Look Back Period  In General  In general, to qualify for Medicaid an individual must have very limited assets.  There are certain assets that are not counted for Medicaid eligibility purposes, which may include…

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A boy on a wooden bridge looking at a piece of paper.

When Your Special Needs Child Turns 18

Having a special needs child has many challenges. One of the toughest challenges faced by many parents is knowing how to best care for their special needs child as they reach adulthood. While there are many areas that need consideration…

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A person writing the word planning on a notebook.

Why You Should Engage in Estate Planning

When it comes to establishing wills and estate plans, older Americans outpace their younger counterparts. Still, a significant number — 19 percent of those over age 72 and 42 percent of those between 53 and 71, according to survey data — lack…

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