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Helping Your College-Age Child in a Medical Emergency

I took my oldest son to college 3 weeks ago.  What an exciting, emotional and hectic time.  Now reality is setting in:  the house is much quieter, my grocery bill is lower, I’m watching fewer high school sporting events, and,…

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The Burden of Caregiving on the Sandwich Generation

In 2006, Miriam Webster included the term sandwich generation in the dictionary for the first time. Sandwich generation is defined as “a generation of people, typically in their thirties or forties, responsible for bringing up their own children and for…

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Addressing Common Myths About Long Term Care

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, someone turning age 65 today will have a 70 percent chance of requiring some long-term care (LTC) service and support during the remainder of their life. In the case of women,…

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The Challenge of Aging Alone

For some seniors in the baby boomer generation aging brings with it new challenges in the form of solo aging. Solo aging is a senior who has no children and no younger (or healthier) family members to assist them as…

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Carry Out Your Wishes With an Estate Plan

The importance of making end of life preparations cannot be stressed enough. Many people put off making these plans thinking there is always time. The sad reality is that none of us are guaranteed time. Others may be bothered by…

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The Rise of the All-Inclusive Retirement Community

Life plan communities, often referred to as continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), are an increasingly popular choice of aging Americans. These communities offer the array of care options necessary as seniors move through the stages of aging that include independent…

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What is the Caregiver Child Exemption?

The Caregiver Child Exception to The Medicaid Look Back Period  In General  In general, to qualify for Medicaid an individual must have very limited assets.  There are certain assets that are not counted for Medicaid eligibility purposes, which may include…

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When Your Special Needs Child Turns 18

Having a special needs child has many challenges. One of the toughest challenges faced by many parents is knowing how to best care for their special needs child as they reach adulthood. While there are many areas that need consideration…

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Why You Should Engage in Estate Planning

When it comes to establishing wills and estate plans, older Americans outpace their younger counterparts. Still, a significant number — 19 percent of those over age 72 and 42 percent of those between 53 and 71, according to survey data — lack…

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